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    Dec 2002

    LENS brand establishment

    This is the day we LENS create a world, it is our most memorable family LENS every day. Since then, we finally have our own break new ground for the ambitious platform and Albert world. From the early days of the lease the plant to October 3, 2008 Lens factory officially moved into the national Torch Development Zone in Zhongshan City, really have their own property rights world-class production facility. During this period we experienced a shocking SARS, rapid development of the company and the team lens persistence and hard work inseparable.
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    Mar 2009

    7 Offices

    LENS, across the country set up in Guangzhou, Jinan, Wuhan, Xian, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenyang seven directly under the office, radiation national market.
  • 01

    Oct 2009

    entered Shang Hai

    LENS officially arrived in Shanghai, record sales for LENS breakthrough development in eastern China has laid a good foundation.
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    May 2010


    LENS directly under the Tianjin Branch was established; we work together in LENS family, our family more and more powerful. On China 9.6 million square kilometers of land, LENS people not afraid of hardships, fought hard, and continue to create a myth of a beautiful, well-deserved Chinese most trusted and most credible Chinese industry leader in shower ! LENS brand has been popular!
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    Oct 2010

    Migration BeiJing

    LENS moved to Beijing headquarters Jinyu Dacheng age 21 layers, ranked Beijing, commanding the country! LENS people deeply understand that development is inseparable from the development of Lens and powerful country, LENS progress is inseparable from the strong countries support and promote, to 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China, on July 1, 2011 the birthday party , the company also in Guangzhou, Jinan set up branches; this is our country LENS hearts, heart led motherland best witness! Since then, sales network throughout every corner of China.
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    Jul 2011

    The Second Phase Project

    LENS built the second construction plant whose area is 30,000 square meters, the overall size of 100,000 square meters. Is this year, Chieses real estate market macro-control, leading to the shrinking of the market demand, the traditional Golden Week gold is no longer; market consumption patterns from high-speed blasting steady development trend, the market in the form of more and more severe. It was in this grim situation, LENS Company still achieved remarkable results, a significant increase of the national sales; LENS Engineering Department also Hengda Real Estate signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China; we once again proved the unbeatable LENS core competitive advantages and strong comprehensive strength.
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    Apr 2012

    VTT of BUAA and LENS

    The birth of the Northern Joint LENS Technology Center; the technology of high-tech research and development center by the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Zhongshan City Sanitary Ware Co., co-founder of LENS, achievements and talent cultivation Trinity research institutions. The technology center will play Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics leading world-class research and development team strength advantage, with China as a LENS shower room industry leader in industry overall capability advantages to shower and intelligent security technology to object to aviation spacecraft life support systems for the strategic development goals, shower room key materials technology upgrades, to carry out the development of new materials and hardware intelligence shower of development work. The joint technical center built our shower manufacturing technology R & D base and training base.
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    May 2012

    Zhongshan factory second phase project completed and delivered.

    End of May 2012, the second phase of LENS Zhongshan factory completed and delivered. LENS will fight side by side, through thick and thin, dedication, conscientious; start a new journey, and began to draw more brand-new cast, grand blueprint! Let my heart surging passion ignited that we never give up the fight, to meet the more brilliant, brilliant decade LENS! LENS century! Chinese LENS! LENS world! Create greater for the state and society contribution! for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese struggle for life!
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    Jul 2017

    President of China Shower Enclosure Association

    Mr.Weichang Xiang who is the chairman of Zhongshan LENS sanitary ware co., ltd was reappointed consecutively to be the president of china shower enclosure association.(Third term validity date: from 1th,JUL,2013 to 30th,JUN, 2016, & fourth term validiy date: from 1th, JUL, 2017 to 30th, JUN, 2021 )

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